Impact to Patient Care at Temple Street

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Thanks to your incredible support, with proceeds from our 2014 Cycle4Life event, we were able to fund two high-spec machines – including one portable - for our new Ultrasound Room. Ultrasound scans are vital to diagnose and treat a large variety of conditions from Spina Bifida to appendicitis. And these new high-resolution machines use sound-waves to examine many different parts of the body.

Temple Street Children's University Hospital's new ultrasound machine is now being used every single day on children in our outpatients’ clinic, and also at night and weekends for children with emergencies. The second portable ultrasound machine is state-of-the-art, compact and easy to move. It is ideal for surgeries, by bedsides in ICU and even in resuscitation. These machines allow our doctors to scan children faster, with more confidence and diagnose more accurately, making a huge difference to the little patients in Temple Street.

“On behalf of the Department, hospital and the children we serve throughout Temple Street, thank you for your tremendous support.”

Dr. Eoghan Laffan MB BCh NUI

Consultant Paediatric Radiologist

Dermot Doherty

Dermot Doherty

"It is rare that we get to use words like transformational, game-changer, disruptive innovation in medicine, and when we do it is something special. In the case of bedside ultrasound, we can say this. This is especially true in Paediatric Intensive Care, where this technology has dramatically improved our ability to secure vascular access in the tiniest babies, to perform real-time assessment of cardiac function in shocked states, and to assess brain blood flow dynamics in brain injury.

The cycle4life donation for the Sonosite 3 years ago was a game-changer. This piece of medical technology is used every day and has positively impacted the 1,500 kids that have required intensive care since it came into service. On behalf of our patients and parents, we are eternally grateful."

Dermot R Doherty MB, MD, FCARCSI

Assoc. Professor, UCD School of Medicine

Consultant Paediatric Intensivist. Temple St. Children's University Hospital

Funds raised from cycle4life 2012

With funds raised from Cycle4Life 2012 we purchased much needed equipment for the Intensive Care Ward at Temple Street Hospital. One significant piece of equipment purchased was the Sonosite mobile ultrasound scanner. Now that this equipment is available in the ICU ward, critically ill patients no longer experience the challenge of being brought to the Ultrasound Suite. Instead, an ultrasound scan can be conducted at the bedside resulting in minimal disruption to patient and patient care. 

The ICU Nursing Staff. Sarah Dennedy pictured right, ICU nurse and Cycle4Life volunteer.

The ICU Nursing Staff. Sarah Dennedy pictured right, ICU nurse and Cycle4Life volunteer.

Additional equipment was also purchased from funds raised in 2012. This equipment included monitoring and drug administering equipment. Pictured Top Right  

Sonosite Ultrasound Scanner

Sonosite Ultrasound Scanner

Funds raised from Cycle4Life 2013

In 2013, with your incredible support, we manage to raise €200,000. This money was used to fund a world class Isolation Suite as part of the Top Flat refurbishment project. The Cycle4Life Isolation Suite is used to provide patient care for children whose immune systems are compromised. Patients with conditions such as Cystic Fibrosis can now be treated in a safe environment, reducing the risk of contracting infection during treatment.  

Funds Raised From Cycle4Life 2014

Thanks to all our Cycle4Lifer's who supported our 2014 event, we raised sufficient funds to purchase a new Ultrasound Scanner. This new state of the art device is reducing patient waiting time and providing an effective and preferable alternative to Radiology in many cases.


None of this would have been possible with your support and generosity. Thank you so much for making a difference.