Cycle4Life's pledge of support for 2016

The Neurology Unit in Temple Street Children’s Hospital’s currently operates out of what was once an attic, making it a very cramped environment for children suffering from complex conditions like cerebral palsy, epilepsy and rare brain disorders.  There is only one small lift servicing the department.  When it breaks down, parents have to carry their kids up 80 steps. On any given day there could be 80 staff, patients and family members on the ward pressing upon its very limited and exhausted facilities. The Renal Unit is also struggling to meet an incredibly high level of demand for its services. Every child in Ireland with kidney problems is referred to Temple Street for diagnosis and treatment. As a result, the current area it occupies is no longer fit for purpose.

The team at Temple Street Hospital are extremely busy making plans for one of our most ambitious redevelopment projects yet - a new Neurology and Renal Department. To accommodate both of these areas they plan to construct a new two story building above our existing Outpatients Area with a designated floor for each. This new build will increase capacity and provide additional clinical rooms with an adequate waiting room and patient play area. The second floor of the building will be occupied by the Renal Department and offer additional outpatient facilities for children with kidney problems. Having a new child friendly environment for both Neurology and Renal will make a huge difference to patients and families, giving them much needed space and privacy. It should also significantly reduce waiting times..

Our pledge for 2016 is to support this important project. Shortly we will be in a position to explain what money was raised on foot of our Cycle4Life Charity cycle event which will take place on the 1st of October. We will then share what aspect of the project was funded and what is the resulting impact to patient care. 

Temple St letter Re 2016 funds.jpg